Improving America's Workforce Training with
Germanic Apprenticeship Programs (GAPTM)
The mission of Kamm Consulting  is to introduce the benchmark world class Germanic Apprenticeship Programs (GAPTM)  to the United States of America.  We believe that implementation of these world-class gold standard apprenticeship programs is one of the keys to stabilizing the growth of the U.S. economy. 

We want to put forth our best effort to help the United States continue our legacy as a world-class industrial power! We believe everyone in the U.S. deserves the chance to discover their own career passions and to develop a career pathway in a field of their choice that will inspire and motivate them for life!

The Kamm Consulting partnering program aligns key stakeholders from industry, government and education, identifies European world-class benchmark apprenticeship occupational standards that best suit the workforce training needs of the region, and aligns, maps and implements these world-class benchmark standards into the regional and U.S. apprenticeship and educational infrastructures.

Kamm Consulting can help you close your community's apprenticeship gap with GAP!
  1. We are here to guide your path to successful implementation of an authentic Germanic Apprenticeship Program!
  2. We know the twists and turns on this pathway to successful GAP implementation!
  3. We are here to ring the alarm and to help resolve the critical workforce training GAP crisis in America!
  4. We are here to organize your community stakeholders to build a successful GAP Implementation Strategy!
  5. We are here to turn your light on to new ideas for GAP workforce training and economic development!
  6. We are here to talk through and resolve your GAP implementation problems!

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Germanic Apprenticeship Programs
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